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Effective workout

Rope jumping promotes the cardiovascular system. It increases endurance and strengthens the heart muscles. In addition, the oxygen uptake in the body is increased. Conclusion: the more oxygen your body has, the better it functions and the more energy you have. A good side effect, after only 20 minutes you will have burned 200 kcal. 

We recommend the skipping rope from Beast Gear.

Positive vibes

No smoking starts in your head. Positive thoughts help you to banish bad moods. Choose your personal phrase and say it again and again as soon as you get the urge for a cigarette. For example: I want it, I can do it, I can do it!



Here you can find motivating sayings

One cigarette will hurt you

Within a few seconds, nicotine stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the heartbeat, narrows blood vessels, increases blood pressure and floods the entire body with the stress hormone adrenaline. 

It's never too late!

According to researchers at the Canadian Centre of Global Health Research, it makes sense to stop smoking at any age. Normally, the lifetime consumption of cigarettes costs 10-12 years of life. However, those who stop before the age of 44 can increase their life expectancy by nine years. At least 6 years to 54 years of age. 

Would you burn 125.000 Dollar voluntarily?

Smokers pay for their truck with a high price. Apart from a lot of money, they get wrinkles, residues on teeth and of course they pay with their health. An average smoker spends 125.000 Dollar in his life on cigarettes. Is it worth it? 

Use the power of flowers and amino acids

Usually it is due to an inner tension that causes sleep problems. Because in bed, experiences of the day are processed or everyday problems are thought about - head and body do not come to rest. The power of blossoms and different amino acids can help you to calm down.

We recommend you the following mixture of concentrated plant extracts and amino acids

Enormous environmental impact

It takes about 10 to 15 years for a filter to decay naturally. With the quantities of cigarette filters that are simply thrown away every year, this means an enormous burden on the environment.

Keep moving

Add several easy training sessions to your week. Even short walks can help against your smoking cravings.

Maybe this fitness watch can motivate you to do more exercise.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking a lot is important, because a strong feeling of hunger can also have to do with insufficient fluid supply. Our tip: always have a refillable drinking bottle with you. 


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