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140,000 deaths per year in Germany

In Germany, around 140,000 people die prematurely every year from the consequences of tobacco consumption, mostly from lung cancer, circulatory and respiratory diseases or stomach ulcers. 

Yoga brings you back into balance

By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, the vegetative nervous system is brought into its natural balance. This provides relaxation because the release of the stress hormone cortisol is inhibited. Google Anti Stress Yoga and try some exercises.


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Fight your desire to smoke!

Ginseng can be the solution to your craving for smoke. For example, put a spoonful of ginseng powder in a glass of juice or in your muesli. We advise you to take the powder in the morning, then you will be able to fight every desire throughout the day. Go for it!

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Valerian against irritability

Valerian is a natural herbal tranquilizer. It helps you to relieve anxiety and improve irritability. Valerian can be taken in the form of capsules, powder or tinctures.

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Snack alternatives

Apple chips or carrot sticks with herb quark are delicious and healthy snacks. But if you can't resist the unhealthy snacks anymore, a sugar-free drinking chocolate or a piece of dark chocolate would be a good alternative. 

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Sport makes you happy

Exercise is the best bad mood killer ever. Because it releases happiness hormones which make you very happy. Of course it costs some effort, but it's worth it! 

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A little pleasure

No frustration now, it will increase your bad mood the next day at the latest. Celebrate a little treat like a cup of delicious tea or a piece of dark chocolate.

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Energy kick through mate tea

Drink a cup of Mate tea and you will have enough energy for the next six hours. The drink makes you more alert and efficient, because it contains up to 1.7 % caffeine as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. 

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Citrus Miracle

Feelings, well-being and mood are influenced by the olfactory centre. With the fresh scent of lemon oil you can improve your ability to concentrate. 

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Licorice root against withdrawal symptoms

As a substitute for employment, chewing on a liquorice root could help you, because you will notice how the need to smoke is forgotten. The liquorice root also has an antibacterial and detoxifying effect. Very helpful against smoker's cough, as the root has an expectorant effect. Liquorice root tea is also a delicious variant, simply heat water and let the liquorice root steep for 20 minutes. Try it out!

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