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Ayurvedic herb as a miracle weapon

Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda and alternative natural practice. This Ayurvedic herb works wonders against inner restlessness, concentration disorders, panic attacks and sleep disorders. 

We recommend Ashwagandha from Biotiva.

Sleeping aid

Maybe you will find sleep with this new technique in the future. The light metronome should help you to fall asleep naturally without medication. 



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Brain Booster

Vitamins B5 and B12 promote concentration, reactivity and mental clarity. 

We recommend SHARP MIND Brain Booster

Deal with your addiction

If you need additional assistance before or during smoking withdrawal, we advise you to read a book about becoming a non-smoker. Because the more you get to grips with the subject, the more likely you are to become smoke-free. 

To increase your chances of success we recommend this book

Smoking leads to cell damage

In the past, smoking has led to vitamin deficiency, resulting in cell damage. The consequences are bad skin and premature aging. It makes sense to replenish these deficits during withdrawal, you need vitamins A, C and E for this.

We recommend Spirulina Chlorella capsules.

Passion flower tea or capsules

Passion flower tea or capsules are an effective natural remedy for the smoking cessation phase. Complaints such as irritability and craving for cigarettes can be easily suppressed.



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Toxic tobacco smoke deposits

When smoking, toxic particles are released from the tobacco smoke. Even when the cigarette is long gone, clothing, hands and hair stink of tobacco. Even in ventilated apartments the dangerous residues last a long time. For children, this represents an enormous danger as soon as they come into contact with the contaminated surfaces and absorb the substances.

More relaxed living in the long term

As a non-smoker, you release much less stress hormone than a smoker, as they are constantly struggling with withdrawal symptoms. Hold on now and be more relaxed forever. 

Do you feel the freedom?

Does a free person go outside several times a day at sub-zero temperatures, only to be told afterwards that he smells like cold smoke? Never let yourself be guided by your constraints again. Enjoy your newly acquired freedom from now on. 

Smoking is harmful to the environment

Between 2000 and 2005, 13 million square kilometres of forest were cleared exclusively for tobacco cultivation.